Launch Day. Simple Life Plan

Today is the day.  LifeQuad ™ is officially launched.  It also happens to also be the day I became a grandfather for the first time.   And that new little girl is the prettiest girl I have seen in a very long time… at least since my own daughters were born.  But I digress…


What a year this has been – Turning 50, becoming a grandfather, facing the reality that I have probably already spent 2/3 of the “life chips” that I will ever get, on this Earth.  I have come to a sobering, self-realization that I may have wasted a whole lot of life by “passively” living my first 50 years.  But not anymore. I have resolved, today, that it is time to stop sitting around waiting for all the externals to change.   Today is the day we launch!

LifeQuad ™ is a path I created to redeem this time and affect real change.   In the process of creating this new life change system, I discovered that, “It is not the quantity of days, but the quality of life, i.e. the ‘life lived’ each day.”  

Why wait.  Join our free mailing list today and take the first step of a new journey with the LifeQuad ™ Tribe, and you to can begin…  “Carpeing the Diem” out of  life!

Interested to hear what you are thinking...

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