Quadrant 1 – Spiritual

Today, I want to simply introduce you to the first of your four key quadrants – the Spiritual Quadrant.  Actually, I debated internally, whether or not this should be a separate category or simply the overall umbrella for the other three areas.   At the end of the day, there are strong arguments for both, but for the purposes of keeping this system simple, effective and easy to remember throughout your day, we will make it the first quadrant.


When you think of the Spiritual essence of your life, what immediately comes to mind?  Don’t answer too quickly on this one.  Take a second to think about it.  It is a very broad category.   It encompasses all we are in our spirit and soul, or our “eternal internal.”  It is that part of us that can never be satisfied simply by relying on ourselves, or by failing to worship or revere something greater than ourselves.   We were, at the core of our being, created to worship.   We were formed in such a way that, as St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in You.”

As I stated at the first of the post, the intent of the blog entry was simply to introduce you to the first quadrant of LifeQuad ™.   Take a minute today to just take a personal inventory.  How would you say this part of your life was going right now?  Take heart fellow pilgrim, your life change is coming…


Interested to hear what you are thinking...

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