Quadrant 2 – Physical

LifeQuad ™ Quadrant No. 2 – Physical, encompasses everything about our physical makeup.  Primarily, we are referring to food intake and physical exercise.   Just to be clear, I am overweight.  At least when I compare myself to the charts based on my age, gender, height and body build, I am overweight.   Who came up with these charts anyway?  If I made the weight that the chart said I need to make, I would look emaciated.   I know – I used to be that weight… about 30 years ago.   Looking back at old photos I actually prefer some mid range between then and now.  And that is where I am headed.

EllypticalsSince the first of this year, I have lost more than 15% of my body weight.   I am more than halfway to the goal I set for myself (not the chart’s goal) but my own goal… one I can live with.  And I feel much better for it.  My clothes fit so much better. Matter of fact, some of my pants actually feel loose.   I have to cinch my belt a bit tighter and for some strange reason, my pants seem longer.  I have heard that is because there is less of my backside or belly to have to cross to get from my waist to my feet.   Whatever the reason, it seems strange that as I am losing weight, I am also seemingly shrinking at the same time.

As you know, I am personally working on all four LifeQuad ™ quadrants.   Related to the Physical Quadrant, I am not only watching caloric intake, (around 1800 calories/day) but I am also eating much better in general and exercising 30 minutes at least 2 – 3 three times a week.  Food tastes better now.  Veggies seem more appealing.  Dessert is less tempting and even my heartburn is decreasing.   I was the size I was for no other reason than I was just lazy in my diet, eating habits and exercise.   It was time to do something.

Relatively small changes are paying big dividends.  And I feel much better about life overall, every time I look in the mirror.  It is not about looking thinner.  It is about discipline, perseverance, intentionality and God’s grace.  Because, as we know, “without Him, we can do nothing.”

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