Quadrant 4 – Occupational

I know I mentioned in my previous post that I was simply posting Quadrant 3 – Relational, today.  But due to the fact that I have been a bit distracted by my newly crowned position of “World’s Greatest Grandfather,” I needed to do a little catch up.   So, you all are in for a treat – a bonus post today.

We will complete the foundation of the four quadrants of LifeQuad today, by also introducing you to Quadrant No. 4 – Occupational.   This quadrant is pretty self-explanatory.   If we focus only on the Spiritual, Physical and Relational facets of our lives, and neglect the quadrant that truly deals with a very large part of our daily life, we will remain out of balance.

worriedworker The Occupational facet is also the most visible facet of our personality or makeup, to those we see and work with each day.  We can often mask our emotions and feelings, but at the end of the day, our occupational production and value to our companies and employers are normally quite visible and difficult to hide.  Merit reviews, job performance evaluations and annual feedback are a direct reflection of the Occupational facet of our lives.


This quadrant will help us deal with some very important issues, such as:

1.   Are you growing in your knowledge and skill in your occupation?

2.  Are you a life long learner?

3.  Are you increasing in value to the employer you serve or employees you lead?

Other questions will come up in our process, and you will also develop some of your own questions/benchmarks to help guide you in this quadrant.

LifeQuad ™ – with its unique Four Quadrant Life Template System will work, if you let it – if you are intentional, consistent and committed to growth.  So, what is your hesitation.  Join the tribe and let’s get started.

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