4 – 3 – TWO – 1

Previously, we talked about the “4” of the 4-3-2-1 progression being the 4 – LifeQuad Quadrants – Spiritual, Physical, Occupational and Relational.  The “3” refers to the three parts of your day – morning, workday and evening.   Today, we will cover the “2.”


TWO simply represents the Greatest Commandments outlined by Jesus in Matthew 22 and Mark 12 – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength… and Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Everything in the LifeQuad ™ system is designed to build these two elements, in ever increasing measure, in our lives.

LG/LO – Love God / Love Others!

So, how do we do this?   How do we have these in ever-increasing measure?   The answer lies in a number of things, most of which are covered in LifeQuad ™ .   It is a daily exercise, starting when you wake up, continues through the day and culminates in the evening, when you hit the bed.   Once you get in the habit of following the LifeQuad ™rhythm, you will start to see these changes happen, through His Spirit, working in and through you.

My biggest challenge is struggling with anger, especially when I drive.   But following this simple lifeplan template, change is happening.  The light is dawning.  It is a new day.  And it can be a new day for you too.  Join the LifeQuad ™ mailing list today.


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