Focus or Focus Pocus?


FOCUS.  Its a word we creative people hear a lot.  Friends, family and countrymen ask us to focus.   And speaking for the ones of us who struggle with focus, we want to.  We really do. But what does it really mean to focus… or better yet, what do others mean when they ask us to focus?

Let me give you four scenarios related to this question. These are my guesses as to why people ask us to focus:

1.  They want us to concentrate more on a few, key aspects to our role or the project we are working on; or

2.  They want us to concentrate more on things THEY see as important;  or

3.  Our global, comprehensive perspective is giving them a headache because they can only really see/consider one viewpoint or option at a time; or

4.  They are jealous that we can multitask so well.

Okay, so maybe number 1 has some relevance if we are working as a team, or they are our boss, or a trusted advisor.   Number 2 even has some relevance if they fit the same criteria as number 1.  Number 3 is really interesting because it highlights the differences between a global thinker and a local thinker.  Number 4 is, well, just funny if it is actually ever true.

One of the podcasts I listen to frequently likes to talk about FOCUS.  He thinks it stands for “Follow One Course Until Success.”  I am not sure that is even grammatically correct, but I get the point.   But what if the course you are following is not the right course?   Then following it is simply blind courage, and worse yet, a path to failure.   So, let’s applaud those who bring color to our lives via a global, creative, and sometimes unfocused perspective.  They may be on to something, if they can ever focus long enough to get work done.

Interested to hear what you are thinking...

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